Welcome to Komaza, a company on a mission: to revive the productivity of degraded lands in the world’s most deforested areas. Revitalizing landscapes. Capturing carbon. And extending Earth’s runway to prevent global ecosystem collapse.

We partner with a massive network of smallholder farmers—the guardians of critical landscapes—to turn underutilized land into thriving microforests. Together, we can sustainably serve modern Africa’s increasing demand for wood and build a bridge to prosperity for generations to come.

How does it work?

We turn underutilized land into thriving microforests, connecting the dots from seeding to sawmill into one, integrated business.

Farmers provide the land, farming skills and security-and in exchange, we provide seedlings designed to grow in the world’s toughest conditions, an innovative tech platform to share step-by-step know-how & management, coordinated commercial log harvesting, and a ready market for the wood.


a low-effort, high-reward endeavor with zero financial risk.

Goal: to generate $125M income per year for farmers and their families by 2050

Komaza Forestry Process

a reliable, rapidly-scaling supply of high-quality, sustainable wood (and carbon capture) without any of the prohibitive planting costs of big plantations

Goal: to meet Africa’s $30B wood deficit with 80% cost disruption vs. traditional big plantation forestry.

Our Vision? 1 billion trees planted across Africa by 2030.

The opportunity

Africa faces a $30bn wood deficit by 2030, which cannot be served by plantations. Komaza is ready to meet it.

Komaza African Wood Demand

The innovation

Our innovative tech platform provides real-time management of tree asset, and enables our microforestry model to scale—fast.

The imperative

Preventing global ecosystem collapse is the critical challenge of our generation. Ecosystems around the world are in danger. Soil erosion rates are increasing alarmingly. Carbon dioxide emissions and global temperature continue to rise.

Developing technology to meet these challenges and ensure the future of our planet will take time. Planting trees buys us that time.

Today, Komaza is the largest forestry company in Kenya without owning a single plantation, and we’re growing fast.


years in business






trees planted

We have increased total tree cover in Coastal and Central Kenya by 9,500 ha

Working at Komaza is more than just a job, it's a mission.

Be part of the team that makes it happen.