Africa faces a $30bn wood deficit by 2030, which can not be supplied by its plantations. Komaza can scale to meet it.

We’re already the largest forestry company in Kenya, and our smallholder microforestry model isn’t the only way we’re shaking up the industry: our seedling nursery (the largest in Kenya) is leading the way in agroforestry innovation, and our new, modular sawmill is state-of-the-art.

The key to our success and growth? Our innovative tech platform, which provides real-time management of trees, and connects us—from seedling to sawmill—into one, integrated experience. Data-driven, flexible, scaleable.

We’re providing life-changing economic opportunities for farmers and delivering 80% cost disruption vs. traditional big plantation forestry and VC-worthy IRRs. We’re one of the most effective carbon sequestration engines on the planet.

Komaza African Wood Demand

Komaza is a true triple bottom line business: the more we grow, the more impact we make.

Our social impact

We’re working with 25,000 farmers to help them earn life-changing income. By 2050, we aim to generate $125m/year income for farmers and their families.

Our environmental impact

We have increased total tree cover in Coastal and Central Kenya by 9,500 ha and planted 8 million trees to date

We are here to...

become Africa’s biggest forestry company by 2030

Our planned expansion to 20 sites by 2030, with 1 billion new trees in sustainable rotation will make us Africa’s largest forestry company.

drive massive environmental change

Planting trees on this scale makes an impact: reviving the productivity of degraded lands in the world’s most deforested areas, revitalizing landscapes and capturing carbon. At around 1% the cost of current carbon capture technologies, we believe this is the best way, on every level, to drive change.

make an important social impact

Current plantings will yield nearly $50m for tens of thousands of farmers, and by 2050, we aim to be generating $125m/yr farmer income for farmers and their families. We’re creating tens of thousands of jobs, in areas with few other employment opportunities, and we’re committed to top-class training and career progression.

deliver significant value

Komaza makes a fundamental raw material (wood) for 80% less than plantations. There’s a $30bn market deficit, which competitors cannot scale to meet—and we can, fast.

Komaza’s potential

If we can achieve our vision for growth, we will not only deliver venture-worthy returns, but change lives and extend earth’s runway for generations to come as we do it. That’s the promise of Komaza—a promise that has aligned investors with our cause, and potential.

• $60m raised to-date
• $28m Series B in 2020

Investors include:


There’s no shortage of demand for wood, and no shortage of smallholder farmers excited by the opportunity of growing it. We believe our radical approach to forestry can grow and grow.
• $28 million raised in series B funding
• 7 million trees planted to date
• 36 million tons of carbon will be captured
• Northstar of planting 1 billion trees by 2030

In Africa:

  •     500% growth in demand over the next 20 years.
  •     By 2030 ≈ 75% wood demand met by imports
  •     $50 billion annual market.

Around the world:

  •     Demand for sustainable local wood is increasing.

We can meet this need for wood on a local and global scale – and grow it better.

Plantations are great for growing uniform wood… but they need a lot of space – and there’s not a lot of it available close to big markets. They’re expensive to set up and fraught with community friction. That makes them slow to expand – currently at just 1% per year – nowhere near enough to meet Africa’s $30b demand by 2030. 

Our model can put a plantation almost anywhere, turning underutilized land pockets into tiny forests, distributing risk while retaining centralized services – and still working efficiently at scale. We’re not clearing vast tranches of land, displacing people and fostering anger and resentment. We’re unlocking the potential of the land, and lifting farmers out of poverty.

Our innovative tech platform is at the very center of our radical approach – helping us disrupt the industry, empower farmers to earn life-changing incomes, and grow a better world. 

  • Centralizing processes, so we can coordinate shared services from our seedling nursery to our wood processing facility.
  • Monitoring crops in diverse locations (both in-person and remote monitoring and AI)
  • Connecting farmers to the latest scientific expertise about growing – real time, relevant.
  • Generating data – and insights – so we can innovate and grow.

Smallholder farmers already grow wood. In Kenya, almost half the supply comes from small farmers. But they’re not achieving commercial quality or growth rates, and are disconnected from high-value industrial markets. Our centralized tech platform is key to transforming a cottage industry into a powerful business.

Our team

Komaza Team
Komaza Team

We’re committed to positive change for both people and planet. Komaza’s Executive Team of global leaders in technology, smallholder agriculture, wood processing & sales, general management, talent, and finance are here to make it happen.

We’re planting 1 million seedlings with over 5,000 farmers this year – so we have to work strategically, iteratively – and fast. Our team of 25 directors and managers is proudly over 60% Kenyan.

Our Regional Leads, Operations Coordinators, and Field Managers are the heart of Komaza. Many of our 30 operational leads have grown alongside the company – and we’re always looking for people to bring new energy and ideas to the role as we scale.

Working at Komaza is more than just a job, it's a mission.

Be part of the team that makes it happen.